6 Foods Dentists Would Not Eat

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It has become common to come across the signs of transition a practice or dental practice for sale. The dentists ensure to maintain a healthy food habit no matter where they move. They do not eat certain foods since they know its level of danger to teeth. It is hard to image the pain that occurs during intensive procedures like root canals and fillings. When you compare the pain of intensive procedures with routine cleanings (scraping and poking), you will find routine cleaning pain are far better.

One of the popular dentists says that there are several foods people should avoid carrying on their teeth in good condition.

1. Soda (even diet): You may be taking soda every weekend or whenever you wish, but it remains as the total smile spoiler. The diet soda is also counted in this category. It contains an acid that has chances to weaken the tooth enamel. If you want to drink soda, ensure to drink through a straw so that you can avoid its contact with the teeth.

2. Apples: Do you have weak teeth? Ensure to avoid crunchy veggies and fruits. It has chances to damage further or crack fragile chompers. Carrots and apples are the main criminals of cracked teeth. Do not skip these foods but cut them into small pieces and enjoy them as you wish.

3. Hard candy: Most of you would like to taste a sweet hard candy. When you such those sweet candies your mouth will get in touch with harsh sugars. It will remain in your mouth for a long time. One of the top dentists says that chewing hard candy can crack or break teeth, sealants, and fillings.


4. Ice: Though ice does not contain sugar when you chew the ice cubes, it has chances to damage your teeth. Several dental experts have claimed that ice can easily break or crack teeth. It should not be nibbled.

5. Corn: Do you love to eat the corn directly on the cob? Well, it is a summertime favorite for most people. It can crack or loosen sealants and fillings. If you are wearing orthodontic brackets and wires, it can get damaged easily. It is best to eat the scrapped corn rather than eating from the cob.

6. Pasta sauce: Tooth enamel is susceptible to dark colors. It includes red pasta sauce. The porous enamel of the teeth can absorb the color and result in unsightly stains. You do not have to avoid the sauce completely, but you can use mouthwash and clean the teeth after tasting your favorite dish.