Dental Health and Diet

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Our body is a sophisticated machine. The foods you select and how frequently you eat have chances to affect the health of the gums and teeth and the general health. If the person consumes too much of non-nutritious snacks, sweetened fruit drinks or sugar-filled sodas, the person will remain at high chances for tooth decay. It is most chronic and common childhood disease. The best part is it is completely preventable.

Tooth decay mostly happens when the plaque associates with the sugar present in the mouth. The acid will affect the teeth and result in tooth decay. Foods that are sugary can cause tooth decay. If you wish to control your sugar intake, you have to read the ingredient label and nutrition facts given on the beverages and foods. This way, you can choose foods that are less in sugar. Some of the common sugary foods are pastries, cookies, candy, and soft drinks.

Wisest choices

For healthy gums and teeth and healthy living, ensure to think before you drink and eat. Remember, it is not important what you eat but when you eat and how you eat. The foods you eat have chances to affect the dental health in various ways. Limit your snacks and eat a balanced meal. Some people will follow a special diet. In such cases, they can follow their physician’s advice and select foods accordingly.

To maintain good dental health, ensure to follow these tips especially when selecting your snacks and meals.


Drink enough water

Eat various foods from the major food groups. It includes fat-free and low-fat dairy products, lean protein foods like lean beef, peas, legumes, dry beans, fish, and skinless poultry, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

If you are a frequent snacks consumer, limit the number of snacks you eat. It is best to choose healthy and nutritious snack rather than munching junk foods. When you take food as part of your meal, it causes less harm to your teeth. While eating food, saliva will be released, and it helps in avoiding cavities and teeth infection.

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